President Trump deployed THAAD in South Korea, even though it would piss-off China, without even blinking. BALLS. (Obama lacked the courage.)

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“…Storm clouds gather on the horizon … North Korea is the most dangerous and urgent threat to peace and security in the Asia-Pacific … The era of Strategic Patience is OVER … ALL OPTIONS ARE ON THE TABLE…”

VP Mike Pence.

We are moving pieces into place to hit North Korea – War could break out at ANY moment. It is my belief that Mike Pence is telling our allies this key fact, in person, out of respect – so they are prepared for war.

In the last few days, what we know for sure:

  • The THAAD Missile Defense System has been moved to South Korea.
  • The USS Carl Vincent has been moved into place, (diverted from Australia)
  • Nuclear bombers have been flown into South Korea, (we can assume they brought nukes with them.)
  • Nuclear submarines – an unknown number – have been sent. An “armada” as POTUS Trump has called it.
  • North Korea had a failed missile launch this weekend.
  • There are TWO Aircraft Carriers within range of North Korea – (Pence’s speech was to let the world know about the second one’s location.)
  • The U.S. hit Syria, to show we are capable of acting WITHOUT a U.N. Security Council resolution, AND we will act quickly, without warning.
  • The U.S. dropped the MOAB to show this administration will use BIG, LETHAL, politically-incorrect weapons.


What you should know about North Korea, and what makes them a difficult target – they have rocket launchers, chemical, and possibly nuclear weapons aimed at Seoul Korea, a city of over 20-million people – if we attack, President Donald Trump will not allow Seoul to be hit. What does this mean? WE WILL USE NUKES. There is no other acceptable alternativeĀ I am aware of, and I study this stuff.

Tactical nuclear weapons are low-yield nukes, designed to be used on a battlefield to destroy embedded-enemy-conventional forces. Why would we use tactical nukes here? When nukes haven’t been used since World War 2? Because: we have no choice. The alternative would be to allow Seoul to be obliterated: AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

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Great intro by president of Snap-On (@38 min.)


Remember election night? Remember Hillary Clinton refusing to concede? Remember the major networks refusing to call the race until 3AM?

I do.

It was clear to anyone with a functional brain that Trump had won the election just after 10 PM. Now we find out POTUS Obama told Hillary Clinton to concede at 11 PM.Ā This is a big story, a scandal in and of itself!

How come Obama, The New York Times, The 538 Blog, and NYSE Market traders knew at 11PM the race was over- YET- They lied to us for another 4 hours? This is OUTRAGEOUS! Even Fox News LIED! There is NO HONEST INDEPENDENT PRESS IN AMERICA!


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More to come.